About us

Holland Hedgeplants stands for sustainability . This is reflected in our nursery. Quality and innovation are important key elements. For example, we also handle our soil in a sustainable manner. Because healthy soil produces the highest quality trees and plants. Working sustainably is not just about our products. It’s also about our employees and the way in which we want to work. Manual work is increasingly being taken over by harvesting, pruning and planting machines. It makes our work lighter and more enjoyable for our specialists.

Who are we ?

Holland Hedgeplants is a company that has developed over the years into a growers collective with multiple nurseries troughout Holland. The company supplies a wide variety of s customers throughout Europe and we can proudly say that we are one of the leading specialised growers of evergreen and deciduous hedging plants in the Netherlands.


Our range is top quality! This is because we give our products a lot of personal attention and continuously strive to improve our offering. We are also highly mechanised, which means our plants receive the perfect treatment and have a uniform appearance. We achieve the optimum conditions for the plants this way. The result? Healthy and strong plants that grow quickly and make the environment even more beautiful. We can offer different hedging plants in every season. We supply our plants in both pots and as root balls.


Whatever hedgeplant you are looking for Holland Hedgeplants can supply it. Thanks to our collective partnership of hedgeplants nurseries, we can combine a total range of hedge plants. We use our own intern logistic so we are able to collect the plants at one of our nurseries. We deliver in whole of europe and beyond. For the transport to your place we use specialised transport companies which have the knowledge specific for your country.